Laser Level

laser level

Rental Rates

2 HR  - $39   |   4 HR - $56   |   Day - $62   |   Week - $186


Whether you're trying to level the ground before building a deck, or installing a ceiling grid, the self-leveling DW079KD rotary laser kit from DEWALT will help save you time and stress. This fully automatic horizontal and vertical self-leveling laser is equipped with a remote control and out-of-level shutoff that eliminates errors, reduces set-up time, and ensures accuracy. The kit comes with a digital laser detector that extends interior and exterior range to 1500 feet. This cordless laser can be powered by a variety of DEWALT batteries, from 9.6 volts to 18 volts, and it comes with one 18-volt XRP battery. A private mode option eliminates remote control interface between multiple rotary lasers on the jobsite, and its bright, sharp, high power beam delivers maximum visibility, even over long distances.

You can see this unit's beam up to 100 feet indoors, up to 2000 feet outdoors--simply control it with the included wireless remote. And the included clamp can locate the beam up to 1000 feet (radius) from the laser.

Flexible and durable enough for both indoor or outdoor use, the DW079KD rotary laser boasts accuracy to plus or minus 1/8-inch per 100 feet, and has protective features--like a rough-and-tough rotary cage--that guard against weather damage.

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